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Testing of Contact Lenses

Manufacturers of hydrogels and finished-product contact lenses muss test certain elastic characteristics. To simulate the repeated application and removal of lenses, the break resistance of the dry and moist material, as well as the structure of the material at deflection, must be tested. 

Simulation of daily use

To simulate daily use, the following tests under normal conditions (in a saline solution) must be performed: 

  • Deflection
  • Tear
  • Indentation force

Testing of contact lenses with ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell offers a temperature-controlled bath with special submersible pneumatic grips for testing contact lenses. The values to be determined are the modulus, strain up to break, and tensile strength. Since the forces measured here are very small, the buoyancy components of the specimen grips that hang in the bath must be compensated for in the testing software (testXpert II).

Stainless steel pneumatic grips

Fmax 100 N for use in a thermoregulation bath:

  • For applications in the medical engineering industry and other areas
  • To test sensitive materials and components, such as biomaterial specimens, nitinol specimens, and contact lenses
  • For use in liquids, for example, in a thermoregulation bath
  • Double-actuator pneumatic grips

Thermoregulation bath with pneumatic grips

To grip contact lenses.

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