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More than 20 co-exhibitors from the field of materials testing and quality assurance await your visit.

4lab GmbH

Zeissstrasse 5
D-89264 Weissenhorn

Phone: +49 (0) 7309 95 919 - 60
Fax: +49 (0) 7309 95 919 - 59
Cell: +49 (0) 160 905 44733
Email: braun.christoph@4lab.de


  • Specimen milling machines
  • Notch broaching machine
  • Paper strip cutters
  • Marking devices
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • Metallography
  • Reference specimens
  • Hardness reference blocks
  • Notch Vision measuring device for notch impact specimens
  • Portable hardness testers
  • BARCOL hardness tester
  • Calotte grinder
  • Thermocouple welder
  • Cutting press
  • Abrasion tester
  • 3106 hardness tester
  • Specimen grinder
  • Strip cutter for plastic film
  • Circular cutter
  • Fluter
  • Edge crush test (ECT) specimen saw
  • Surface testing
  • Ball rebound tester
  • Pusey & Jones hardness tester


  • Thermostats
  • Climatic chambers
  • Furnace and heat treatment plants


    • Laboratory equipment
    • Laboratory scales


    • Pallet truck
    • Torque wrench
    • LED workplace lamps
    • Compressors

      Alpha Technologies GmbH

      Pfaffenstraße 21
      74078 Heilbronn

      Phone: +49 (0) 7131-382-4800
      Fax: +49 (0) 7131-382-4961

      As a world leader in design and manufacturing of instruments and software, Alpha Technologies delivers advanced precision analysis of rubber and elastomer materials for production optimization and product compliance solutions.

      Alpha Technologies, a Roper Technologies company (NYSE: ROP) works closely with clients and diverse industries to improve performance, quality and safety for consumers. As a recognized leader in the field of rubber and polymer rheology testing, Alpha Technologies continues to innovate and advance with best in class testing solutions.

      ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited, Alpha Technologies’ instruments measure the dynamic, physical and processability characteristics of rubbers and polymers. The Alpha Technologies product line includes material process analyzers, rheometers, viscometers, dispersion analyzers, density and hardness testers, physical property testers, universal testers, sample cutters and laboratory information management systems (Enterprise LIMS).

      Headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, USA, Alpha is staffed with approximately 150 highly qualified professionals around the world and is ready to assist customers in achieving their goals.

      Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH

      63589 Linsengericht/Altenhasslau

      Phone:+ 49 (0) 6051-707-140

      Atlas is a recognized leader in material testing, offering a complete line of instruments and services for accelerated and natural weathering.In addition, the Atlas Consulting Group helps clients from various industries including photovoltaics, coatings, plastics, textiles, automotive and cosmetics to develop the best weathering processes for their products.

      Since November 2010, Atlas is a company of the AMETEK Group and part of the Measurement & Calibration Technologies (M&CT) division.This is a division of the AMETEK Electronic Instruments Group, a pioneer in the field of monitoring, calibration and display technology.AMETEK is a world market leader.

      CaTs³ Limited

      21 Lindisfarne Drive
      Kenilworth, Warwickshire
      CV8 2PQ, UK

      Phone: +44 1926 858 070
      Email: info@cats3.com
      Web: www.cats3.com

      Software systems for single and multi-axis servohydraulic testing equipment

      FRT GmbH

      D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach

      Phone: +49 (0) 2204-84 2430
      Fax: +49 (0) 2204-84 2431
      Email: info@frt-gmbh.com
      Web: www.frtmetrology.com

      • 3D multi-sensor measurement technology
      • Confocal microscopy
      • Optical profilometry
      • Coating thickness measurement
      • Atomic force microscopy
      • Manual and fully automated measurement of roughness, profiles, topography, coating thickness and much more.

      Gollub Werkstoffprüfung GmbH & Co. KG

      Viktor-Scheffel-Str. 7
      D-74177 Bad Friedrichshall

      Phone: +49 (0)7136 22195
      Fax: +49 (0)7136 22197
      Email: gollub-zfp@t-online.de
      Web: www.gollub-werkstoffpruefung.de

      • Eddy current testing equipment and systems
      • Ultrasonic testing equipment and systems, also for RHT/EHT
      • Test equipment and accessories for other NDT methods such as PT, MT, UT

      GOM GmbH

      Schmitzstraße 2
      D-38122 Braunschweig

      Phone: +49 (0)531 39029-0
      Fax: +49 (0)531 39029-15
      Email: info@gom.com
      Web: www.gom.com

      GOM is a global partner for industrial 3D metrology systems with over 20 years of experience in 3D coordinate measuring techniques, material testing, component tests and quality assurance. GOM offers complete solutions, including hardware, inspection software, technical support and training.

      • Optical deformation measurement
      • 3D digitalization

      GTM Testing and Metrology GmbH

      Philipp-Reis-Str. 4-6
      D-64404 Bickenbach

      Phone:+49 (0)6257 9720-0
      Fax:+49 (0)6257 9720-77
      Email: contact@gtm-gmbh.com
      Web: www.gtm-gmbh.com

      GTM defines forces and moments with a level of precision like no other, while continuously making their solutions more PRECISE and RELIABLE!

      Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH

      Im Tiefen See 45
      D-64293 Darmstadt

      Phone:+49 6151 803-0

      Market leaders HBM and Brüel & Kjær have merged to form HBK – Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer – a worldwide leading provider of integrated solutions for testing, measurement, control and simulation.

      HBK - Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer – offers a complete portfolio of solutions spanning across the entire product life cycle of testing and measurement technology that combine the physical aspect of sensors, tests and measurements with the digital world of simulation, modeling software and analysis.By creating a scalable and open system for data acquisition hardware, software and simulations, product developers are able to shorten time to market, advance innovations and lead the way in today’s highly competitive global market.

      iew Induktive Erwärmungsanlagen GmbH

      Novomaticstraße 16
      A-2352 Gumpoldskirchen

      Phone: +43 (0) 2252 / 607 000 - 0
      Fax: +43 (0) 2252 / 607 000 - 20
      Email: office@iew.eu
      Internet: www.iew.eu

      Induction heating systems for contact-free heating of metals for material testing

      Institut für Eignungsprüfung IfEP GmbH

      Daimlerstraße 8
      D-45770 Marl

      Phone: +49 (0)2365 209 00 09
      Fax: +49 (0)2365 209 00 35
      Email: ifep@online.de
      Web: www.ifep.de

      Certified reference specimen for mechanical testing


      IV3 GmbH

      Bahnhofplatz 6
      D-89073 Ulm | Germany

      Phone: +49 7305 10 11168
      Email: info@iv3.ai
      Web: https://www.iv3.ai/

      Digital & continuous Round Robin Platform

      • maximum flexibility and variety of round robins and specimen materials from global suppliers
      • efficiency gains and easy comparison with internal and/or external data
      • access to countless comparative data across different industries
      • One-stop shop for the entire quality assurance loop



      Otto-Hausmann-Ring 101
      D-42115 Wuppertal

      Phone: +49 (0)202 7192-0
      Fax: +49 (0)202 714932
      Email: info@karldeutsch.de
      Web: www.karldeutsch.de

      Digital ultrasonic testing, coating thickness measurement, crack depth measurement, wall thickness measurement, magnetic particle crack testing, dye penetrant testing.

      NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

      Wittelsbacherstrasse 42
      D-95100 Selb

      Phone: +49 (0)9287 881-0
      Fax: +49 (0)9287 881-505
      Email: at@netzsch.com
      Web: www.netzsch-thermal-analysis.com

      Thermal analysis equipment and instruments for testing thermophysical properties, rheology, fire testing systems

      OLYMPUS Deutschland GmbH

      Wendenstraße 20
      D-20097 Hamburg

      Phone:+49 (0)40 23773-0

      • Stereo microscopes
      • Digital photography
      • Reflected light microscopes
      • Ultrasonic and eddy current instruments
      • Industrial endoscopes
      • X-ray material analysis

      polymerphys IK GmbH

      Industriepark Hoechst - G 830
      D-65926 Frankfurt am Main

      Phone: +49 (0)69-3660 4669
      Fax: +49 (0)69-3660 4665
      e-mail: Knut.Laumen@polymerphysik.de
      Web: www.polymerphysik.de

      • Laboratories for testing on plastics in Frankfurt (Germany) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)
      • Owner managed ... independent ... neutral ... accredited
      • Core competence: determination of physical properties of polymers
      • Main focus: mechanical testing methods, fiber length analysis, infrared spectroscopy


      Toni Technik Baustoffprüfsysteme GmbH

      Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
      D-13355 Berlin

      Phone: +49 (0)30 464039-21
      Fax: +49 (0)30 464039-22
      Email: info@tonitechnik.com
      Web: www.tonitechnik.com

      • Servohydraulic building materials testing machines from 6 to 10,000 kN
      • Equipment for complete cement and concrete laboratories
      • Retrofits and modernizations
      • Certified calibration services

      W.S. Werkstoff Service GmbH

      Katernberger Str. 107
      D-45327 Essen

      Phone: +49 (0)201 316844-18
      Fax: +49 (0)201 316844-29
      Email: info@werkstoff-service.de
      Web: www.werkstoff-service.de

      Accredited test laboratory (EN 17025), non-destructive materials testing, destructive materials testing, mechanical and technological testing, metallography, accredited inspection department (EN 17020), damage analysis, surveying, NDT competent body (DIN 27201-7), laboratory, consulting, materials engineering, accredited 3D coordinate measuring technology, water jet cutting system, heat treatment, forming, railways, qualification, occupational rehabilitation, occupational integration, certified training, certified further training (AZAV)

      ZwickRoell GmbH & Co. KG

      August-Nagel-Str. 11
      D-89079 Ulm

      Phone: +49 7305 10-0
      Fax: +49 7305 10-11200
      Email: info@zwickroell.com
      Web: www.zwickroell.com

      • Universal testing machines
      • Automated testing systems
      • Hardness testers, extrusion plastometers and pendulum impact testers
      • Retrofits and modernizations
      • Certified calibration services
      • Servohydraulic testing machines
      • Hydraulic high speed testing machine
      • Sheet metal testing machines

      ZwickRoell Fürstenfeld

      Flugplatzstrasse 5
      A-8280 Fürstenfeld

      Phone: +43 (0)3382-54060-0
      Fax: +43 (03)3382-54060-27
      Email: info.at@zwickroell.com
      Web: www.zwickroell.com

      • Electromechanical creep testing machines
      • Lever arm creep testing machines
      • Creep testing machine accessories

      Optical sensors:

      • Laser extensometer
      • Video extensometer
      • Customized measuring devices