Two test Areas in One Testing Machine—ZwickRoell Makes an Impression on Granol AG

The AllroundLine is, as the name indicates, a highly versatile solution among our universal testing that can be used allround. Two test areas can be used in just one testing machine. Swiss-based Granol AG uses an AllroundLine with two test areas and has been convinced from day one.

Granol AG is a leading Swiss manufacturer of plaster and offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the fields of new construction, renovation, and restoration. For the past year, the company has used the AllroundLine Z100 for compression and flexure tests to DIN EN 1015-11. The compressive strength of hardened mortar is tested in the upper test area. In the lower test area, flexural tensile testing of prisms is performed.


Mr. Michael Josef, Head of Lab at Granol, describes the testing machine as follows: “We are especially impressed by the two test areas since we perform two different tests and having them allows us to not have to constantly change out the respective test fixtures.”

Right from the start, ZwickRoell was focused on the customer’s needs and the required customizations for Granol. This allowed them to factor into the planning, for example, the circumstances and condition of the new building in regard to bringing in the testing machine. High quality consulting, collaborative thinking and engagement by the responsible field sales representatives, along with the high quality of the testing machine convinced the customer that ZwickRoell’s AllroundLine was the right solution for them.

Additional advantages of the AllroundLine with two test areas are:

  • The specimen throughput is increased with the testXpert III system configuration builder. Every system configuration is ready for testing with the press of a button. When loading the test program all relevant test parameters are loaded. This makes it easy to switch from the upper to the lower system configuration and vice versa.
  • Large components can be conveniently added to the easily accessible test area from the side.
  • The height-adjustable crosshead can be steplessly adjusted to optimal work height for the operator. The height can also be configured for standing or seated operation.
  • Using two test areas prevents the need for reconfiguring test setups and, as a result, saves you time and money

The next expansion stage will allow for an additional test area at the side. Up to three test areas can be combined in one testing machine. Granol AG is not the only company impressed by the versatile testing system which can be adapted and modified to meet all customer requirements.

See for yourself.