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For Testing of PET Containers KOSME Relies on ZwickRoell

KOSME Gesellschaft mbH is a highly successful, globally recognized company specializing in the development, design and manufacturing of stretch blow molding machines and molds for the production of PET containers. With an additional location in Italy, KOSME also supplies turnkey bottle filling systems for the PET industry. High performance, high reliability and ease of operation characterize the customer-specific solutions of their packaging & beverage lines. 

Data on the compressive strength of different PET containers is of great significance. At its location in Sollenau, Austria KOSME performs these resistance determination tests according to DIN 55526. Since 2002 this test has been implemented with the zwickiLine universal testing machine, and the company has been confident about the reliability of results from day one. 

The test is used to determine the stackability of packaging and packing materials during processing, transport and storage. The container is placed upright between the platens of the compression fixture and compressed. The compression force and platen travel are recorded until the required compression resistance and platen travel are reached, or until failure occurs due to critical deformation or leaking of the container. Since different results are achieved depending on whether the containers are empty or filled, both methods and the resulting compressive strengths are measured. The obtained data is extremely important for quality assurance, since it can be used to test the customer specification. If the container meets the high level requirements, it is released for series production. In 2018, the zwickiLine was replaced by a new testing machine, the ProLine. Operation of the zwickiLine was trouble-free and reliable right from the start. The testing machine, together with testXpert testing software left a sustainable impression, in turn making this an easy decision. “Since we have been very satisfied working with a ZwickRoell testing machine for years, we again chose ZwickRoell as our supplier,” said Daniel Makovich, Head of Technology/Design at KOSME. The newly acquired ProLine universal testing machine has taken over the test tasks previously carried out by the zwickLine, performing compression tests on plastic bottles for quality assurance purposes.