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ZHR8150CLK Flooring tester puts Armstrong on a firm footing

Armstrong flooring is North America’s largest producer of resilient flooring products, and provides flooring for homes, schools, offices, stores, and hospitals. Their flooring products are developed to provide exceptional design, durability and value. 

There are many standards to test the mechanical properties of floorings, like according to ISO 24343-1, EN 433, ASTM F1303 and ASTM F1913. In China, Armstrong’s pre-owned China-brand testing machines did not satisfy regarding its performance in stability. Furthermore, these machines could not meet the requirement of multi standard testing in one machine. However, their experience in materials testing with a ZwickRoell testing machine Z310 was utterly satisfying, so they decided for a ZwickRoell ZHR8150CLF universal Rockwell tester

With the ZHR8150CLF hardness tester, you can determine the indentation and residual indentations on resilient and laminate floor coverings. The closed-loop control load application enables hardness tests in a wide range of applications with only one instrument. Its robust design with play-free, ball bearing lead screw and ease of operation provides optimal operation for use in production. 

The ZHR8150CLF is 24hrs in use and convinces with its performance in quality, stability and operation convenience. The quality management at Armstrong is now perfectly prepared to certify the uncompromising quality of their flooring products