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With the Kappa Multistation DTR VMS improves driving comfort in prototype cars and models in development

In the automotive industry vibration dampers serve to eliminate undesirable resonances from the vehicle frame so that these do not get passed from the engine to the driver compartment. These vibration dampers mainly consist of rubber and ensure constant damping characteristics across a wide temperature range. DTR VMS is a manufacturer of rubber-to-metal components for production into engine mounts, transmission mounts, chassis/suspension mounts, torque arms for combustion engines and electric vehicles

This global company group has over 50 years' experience with rubber technology, in addition with innovative engine-, transmission mounts and chassis components, and has over 2,000 employees at 14 locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

The “German Technical Centre” in Mendig – maintains a ZwickRoell electro-mechanical creep testing machine to test molded rubber parts under mechanical and thermal loads. The 3 x 10 kN Kappa Multistation with 3 test stations provides a comprehensive component qualification by establishing the creep behavior of rubber and elastomer components. At a temperature range between 20°C to 250°C, 3 samples can be tested simultaneously, with pressure being applied to each load axis individually and independently of each other, infinitely variable from 20N to 10kN.

Each load axis is equipped with a separate high-precision camera. This enables touchless trial stretchings, and ensuring the required accuracy from a starting measurement point of 50mm, an anticipated stretching of 5mm and a dynamic expansion of 0.4 µm. The data processing is done via testing software testXpert®, which not only allows standard tests, but also allows various defined inspection procedures which again provides trial runs with flexible loads, ie regular force increase rates as well as load and strain blocks.

With the Kappa Multistation, the 'German Technical Centre' as part of DTR encompasses a flexible and equally precise testing system which supports DTR in fulfilling their customer demands and through innovative components providing a secure and good cooperation with well-known automotive manufacturers.