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Austrotherm Thermal Insulation Believes in Comfortable Living and ZwickRoell

Austrotherm is the specialist for premium-quality and climate-protecting thermal insulating products in Central and Eastern Europe. As a designated, and in many areas the only Austrian producer of EPS and XPS insulating materials, resol hard foam, facade profiles and interior sanitary construction products (panels), great emphasis is placed on consistent quality and innovation. To ensure the high quality of Austrotherm’s thermal insulation products, the company has relied on ZwickRoell testing machines since the early 1990s.

In a modern research and testing laboratory with strong emphasis on responsible quality assurance, a variety of tests are performed. For incoming goods inspections, the company uses the Mflow extrusion plastometer to determine the melt mass flow rates of plastic granules. Based on these values, conclusions are drawn on whether the raw material meets Austrotherm’s requirements and is therefore suitable for further processing. One of the new features is the Mflow’s intuitive and workflow oriented touch operation, which allows for flexible and user-friendly handling of the extrusion plastometer with and without a PC. 

Not only are the raw materials submitted to highly stringent testing for incoming goods inspection, but the finished thermal insulation products are tested for adherence to the quality requirements with a final test. Compression, tensile and flexure tests are performed on the single layer and multi layer XPS insulation panels and coated XPS insulation panels with the ProLine Z100 materials testing machine. The ProLine specifically targets standardized testing of materials and components. With easy handling and reliable test results obtained with the testXpert III testing software, the materials testing machine is ideal for the requirements imposed by Austrotherm. Depending on the results that are obtained, a decision is made on whether the insulation panels meet Austrotherm’s high quality expectations, and they are released for sale accordingly.

Austrotherm has trusted ZwickRoell testing machines and instruments for many years, and still employs a machine that dates back to 1991. The reliability, durability and longevity of the testing machines, as well as the reliability of the test results perfectly correspond with the high quality Austrotherm stands for.