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Optimization of Microanalysis Systems

Hahn-Schickard, an applied research institution located in Freiburg, Germany, researches, develops, and produces medical products within the field of microanalysis systems for its customers. For flexible implementation in the research and development of these systems, the company relies on an AllroundLine materials testing machine from ZwickRoell with a 5 kN test load.

Microanalysis systems such as lab-on-a-chip systems allow for quick and reliable analyses directly at the point-of-care and require only a fraction of the space of conventional analysis equipment. Only the smallest amounts are required from the specimen as well as from the reagents that are transported through capillary forces from one reaction and analysis chamber to the next. To perfect production steps such as thermoforming or sealing stickpacks, as they are used for Corona rapid tests, Hahn-Schickard uses an AllroundLine 5 kN for testing film material. The testing machine, which also provides material characterization, is equipped with a temperature chamber and enables a crosshead speed of up to 3000 mm/min. The high stroke speed in conjunction with the large stroke of the machine, even when using the temperature chamber, allows for exceptionally flexible use in R&D.

In addition to the high stroke speed and the short heating time of the temperature chamber of approx. 15 min to go from 20°C to up to 250°C, the modern testing software that also integrates the control of the temperature chamber was particularly convincing. The testXpert III software can be used in compliance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and provides a future-proof system due to its traceability. Another reason for choosing to partner with ZwickRoell was the service: The webinar offered reduces the time spent on familiarization/training significantly and combined with the short lead time, ensures that the testing machine can be used on short notice.

At a glance:

  • Flexible materials testing machine for microanalysis systems in R&D
  • AllroundLine testing machine with 5 kN test load and temperature chamber
  • Tensile and seal strength tests on film materials